Eastern Cordillera


There are many surface occurrences of liquid hydrocarbons, both in Paleogene and Cretaceous units, indicating the presence of an active petroleum system in the area.

The main petroleum system is constituted by the Chipaque Formation as source rock and Lower Guadalupe Formation as a reservoir. Besides, there is the probability of finding petroleum systems in lower Cretaceous rocks in Tibasosa and Une formations. The most important exploration targets in the Eastern Cordillera are related to fault propagation folds, fault-related folds and triangular areas. A potential play in the axial zone is related to accumulation against salty domes. The Neogene to present-day deformation observed at the eastern foothills is related to active strike-slip fault movements.

The exploration potential of the Eastern Cordillera Basin is estimated between 2600 MBO (high) and 532 MBO (low).

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