Eastern Cordillera


Geochemical data obtained from Bolívar-1 and Corrales- 1 wells and outcrop samples indicate the presence of organic matter of marine origin and kerogen type II, in the Cretaceous shale of Chipaque, middle Une and Tibasosa formations; and presence of organic matter with terrestrial-humic kerogen type III for the whole Paleogene sequence (Concentration, Socha Superior and Guaduas formations). In the Bolívar-1 well commercial quantities of low API gravity (18 °) oil were found in cherty rocks of the Lower Guadalupe Formation.

Data from wells and outcrops show that maturity increases with the unit’s age. Geochemical models obtained indicate that the rocks enter the hydrocarbon generation window at a depth of around 6500 feet. With the available data there is not evidence of organic matter overmaturation. However, the existence of low API gravity (<20 °) crude such as the one found in the Bolivar-1 well, suggests that the hydrocarbon may has been generated at an early stage of maturity of source rock, or that it has been biodegraded in the reservoir.

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