Catatumbo Basin is one of the most prolific areas in Colombia. The production of hydrocarbons is primarily related to recumbent, asymmetric folds. The western sector of the basin is a folded belt, and recent studies indicate the presence of exploratory opportunities related to thrusting areas. In the eastern sector, opportunities are more related to lateral displacement faults and flower structures.

The main fields in the Catatumbo Basin are those of Río de Oro, Socuavo, Carbonera, Sardinata, Río Zulia, Petrólea and Puerto Barco. Despite the considerable cumulative production (450 MBO of oil and 500 GCFG), the Catatumbo Basin is considered to be in a moderate exploration stage.

The exploration potential of Catatumbo Basin is estimated between 1700 MBO (high) and 200 MBO (low).

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