With the exception of some samples located at the onset of the oil generation window, the results of geochemical studies indicate that the analyzed sequence in the different wells is generally immature. The results of organic geochemistry analysis indicate also that the predominant kerogen in the entire sequence is of type III; however, some samples show mixed II / III types, and others are located in the type II kerogen area. In addition, the geochemical data show a high TOC content ranging from 4 to 16% and Hydrogen Indexes varying between 370-700 mgHC and g TOC.). So, is likely that the source intervals (Oligocene- Miocene), recorded in Majagua-1 well may have a high potential to generate liquid and gas hydrocarbons (Figure 5 and Figure 6).

Given that the transformation rate is quite high and important in the Tumaco pseudowell (seismic line NT- 1990-2870), if the characterized geochemical facies are preserved to this point, liquid hydrocarbons have been generated in this deep part of the basin.

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