Onshore: Geochemical analysis (TOC and Rock-Eval) performed on 10 samples taken in 2 wells and the organic petrography of 62 samples obtained in other 3 wells, indicate a potential generation ranging from poor to good (Figure 6). The obtained generation parameters indicate that the stratigraphic sequence analyzed is gas prone.

In the onshore area, the C2 + vs. d13C CH4 (ppt) diagram and the relationship of organic matter maturity, suggest that the gas has a biogenic origin. The C2/C3 vs. d13C C2 - D13 C3 (% PDB) diagram shows that the gases could reach a high thermal evolution state, leading secondary cracking of the hydrocarbons.

Offshore: The C2 + d13C vs. CH4 (ppt) diagram and its relationship to organic matter maturity, suggests a thermogenic- biogenic mixture of gases.

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Figure 6