The productive capacity of the basin is supported by geochemical analyses that indicate a thermogenic gas generation in Paleogene and Neogene units, as those present in the Chuchupa and Ballenas fields. Additionally, another oil generation pulse, possibly from a Cretaceous source, could be postulated based on samples from Aruchara-1 well, microseeps in Lower Guajira and oil-impregnated cores of La Luna formation from a well in eastern lower Guajira, near Venezuela.

Main traps associated with the basin are stratigraphic type, by the effect of onlapping of Paleogene sediments on the basement. However, in accordance to existing structural models, it is possible to find structural traps associated with large strike slip faults that generate tectonic blocks, as observed in the Cocinetas area.

Additional opportunities for exploration are identified, related to hydrocarbon charge from a Cretaceous kitchen located at the east of the basin as suggested by information from wells drilled in the Venezuelan side.

Exploratory potential of the entire Colombia Caribbean region is estimated between 64 912 MBO (high) and 226 MBO (low).

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