Chocó (Atrato Sub-basin)


In the Buchadó-1 well an assessment of maturity in the interval from 6090 to 15539 feet was performed. In this level the rock shows a low maturity level, as confirmed by low values of Tmax. ranging between 417 ° C to 435 ° C, and vitrinite reflectance values around 0.34 at a depth of 6090 feet. Vitrinite values reach 0.46 at depths between 15300 and 15400 feet.

The late Eocene-Miocene section varies ranging from immature to mature in the oil generation window. The spore coloration index swings between 3.0 and 5.5. The reflectance of vitrinite (Ro) lies between 0.23 and 0.61. The pyrolysis Tmax values range between 417 °C and 439 °C, reflecting the low maturity an inconvenient location of the Buchadó well.

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