General Information
Technical Evaluation Contract TEA

Applies to free areas and in some cases in competitive processes as contemplated in the Terms of Reference.

Its main objectives are evaluating the hydrocarbon potential of an area and identifying prospects to eventually enter into and E&P Contract on such portion or entirety of the contract area.

The Evaluator may undertake surface exploration activities, stratigraphic wells, aero physics, etc., among others, during a maximum term of 18 months according to the work program. The regulations for the award of areas is the same as for the E&P contracts.

The Evaluator must develop the program on an autonomous basis, under its sole operational responsibility, having a priority right to enter into the E&P contract.

The ANH, on its part, verifies the scope of the activities, administers the information obtained from the Contract and collects an economic right.


Evaluating and improving the knowledge of the hydrocarbon potential of an area and identifying prospective areas.


Consists of surface exploration activities, geology, geophysics, geochemical, cartography, photo geology, drilling of stratigraphic wells, among others.


May have a maximum of 18 months on continental areas and 24 months on offshore areas.


portion of the areas under the TEA can be converted into E&P when the holder submits exploration programs that are accepted by the ANH according to the regulations in effect.

It is possible for a third party to submit an offer for an E&P contract over the TEA area. In such event, the TEA holder has the option to match or exceed the third party proposal and be awarded the E&P Contract.


A guaranty equal to 10% of the work programmust be establisheb. If the TEA resulted from a competitive bidding process, the amount of the guaranty shall be set in the corresponding Terms of Reference.

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